​​​​​​​​​​​​An Open and Affirming Congregation of the UCC

651 Easton Road, Box 236, Riegelsville, PA 18077

                     Email:  stjohnuccriegelsville@gmail.com                   

Phone: 610-749-2551 

 Rev. Bob Stevens, Interim Minister

​Ms. Ingrid Gray, Director of Music

Sunday, Worship Begins @ 10am 

in Person or on Facebook Worship 

​Coffee Hour following Worship

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We at St. John UCC are the United Church of Christ, historically rooted in the Protestant churches of the 19th and 20th centuries with a finger on the pulse of today.  We believe that God is Still Speaking; that the Holy Spirit speaks to each new generation of faith interpreting the Scriptures in new and bold ways.   We are a Christian church, believing in Christ as Lord and Savior, but we are also a safe space for those who are searching, exploring, and forming a faith of their own.  We welcome everyone to our community:  young, old, rich, poor, conservative and liberal, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, sexual orientation and sexual expression.   We believe that all are created in the image of God and affirmed with dignity by God; in need of equal grace and forgiveness.  We believe that in community together, we reflect the image of God.  Truly, no matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

St. John UCC practices an open communion table, meaning that all who believe in Jesus Christ are welcome to receive communion. In the UCC, we believe that we receive bread and grape juice at communion and that these elements remind us of Christ’s broken body and shed blood. Children are welcome to partake in the sacrament with us at the discretion of their parents. Communion will be served the first Sunday of every month.

Who is welcome here?

If you are White, Black, Asian, Native American, or Hispanic…

If you are three days old, 30 years old, or 103 years old…

If you’ve never stepped foot in a church;  or if you are Roman Catholic,

Protestant, Agnostic, Buddhist, or are a life-long member of the UCC…

If you are single, married, divorced, separated, or partnered…

If you are male or female, straight or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender…

If you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Socialist, or not registered to vote…

If you have, or had, addictions, phobias, abortions, or a criminal record….

If you own your home, rent, live with your parents, or are homeless….

If you are fully-abled, disabled, have PTSD, or are a person of differing abilities…

You ARE welcome here!

We are a progressive, forward thinking, congregation, who believe God is still speaking for today and each generation. And so we witness:

We believe in God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ:   Therefore: 

* We live…believing God carries us and provides for our needs. 

* We believe God is always present, even in the unexpected and sacred moments of the day… 

* We receive strength, blessings, 
and hope through God’s teachings 
and prayer. 

* We experience God’s grace, through the love of others. 

* We are Christ’s disciples: accepted, forgiven, serving, learning, 
resisting evil, and seeking justice. 

* We believe God, in Christ, promises 
we will all be reunited in the 
resurrection and eternal life.

​​​Best Practices for Coronavirus

​​     Stay home if you are in a high risk group or you are showing symptoms of the Coronavirus, flu, or other infectious disease.  
     Pastor Ken is available by phone (202-321-06280), voice or text. Email kedafuller@mac.com
     Hospitals have eliminated visitors in all but a few severely restricted cases.  Please call Pastor Ken if you know of anyone who may be in hospital or ill at home. 

We will broadcast the service on Facebook.
The bulletin will be available online.
Our Church’s expenses continue during this time.  

Please mail in your usual contributions.
At Church
 Please take a bulletin from the lectern.
Open doors, but avoid touching knobs, pulls or levers with unprotected hands.
Leave offering in the plates at the top of the stairs.  
Scatter yourselves throughout sanctuary, leaving several feet between individuals, couples or family units.  Even if it means you are in a slightly different place in church.

If you are vaccinated you only to need to wear a mask when singing or readings.  

If you haven't been vaccinated please wear a mask.

We know we all come for human and divine contact, but during the course of the pandemic, we need to care for one another by keeping our physical distance, and trust in the Lord to provide the comfort we each need.

As a Church we need to be aware of one another’s needs.  In a time in which there is hoarding, and stores may be closed, we will be asking if we can do anything for each other.  If you are in need, call Pastor Ken or any member of the Consistory.