Ken married Lorraine Donnelly of Pottstown, PA in July of 2018 and is now a resident of that city.  He is the father of Jonathan Fuller (Janet Mocarsky) and Martha Fuller Stahl (Bill) and has two grandchildren, Eva and Waylon Stahl.  He is an avid fly fisherman and hunter. A hiker and canoeist, Ken enjoys traveling in the Rocky Mountain states    He is a student of history and literature, with a particular interest in the Civil War.

Ken graduated from Davidson College in 1969, having studied in Montpellier, France during his junior year, and worked on a Kibbutz in Israel one summer.   His seminary training was at Harvard Divinity School.  He has pursued continuing education regularly including denominational programs, and courses at the College of Preachers in Washington, DC, Boston College, at Ring Lake Ranch, from the Alban Institute and the Interim Ministry Network.

He was called to his first pastorate at the Williamstown (Mass.) Congregational Parish, where he was ordained in the United Church of Christ.  Since then, he has served churches throughout New England, as well as in Washington, DC.  In 2014 he became Pastor of Christ Reformed UCC in Cavetown, MD where he has served since then.

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Sermon Schedule  
January  2021
10    The Bear and the Bible:  Robert Frost

17   The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin                                                                   24  from Jeremiah                                                                                    31.  A Series on Paul's Letter to the Colossians 1                                                                                                                

February  7.  A Series on Paul’s Letter to the Colossians II
                 15, A Series on Paul’s Letter to the Colossians III
                 17.  Ash Wednesday
                 21. Lent I  Jesus Encounters a Rich Man
                 28. Lent II Jesus Encounters a Roman
March  7. Lent III. Jesus Encounters Religious Authority
            14,Lent IV Jesus Encounters a Woman
            21. Lent V  Jesus Encounters Children
            28. Lent VI Palm Sunday Jesus Encounters the Money Changers
April  1.     Maundy Thursday
April  2.     Good Friday
April 4.     Easter Sunday. Jesus and Thomas
         11.    Easter 1 Jesus in Galilee
         18     Dialogue: Emily and the Bible
         25     Job I        Job is Set Up
May 2.   Mother’s Day.  the Mother of Virtue
         9        Jacob 3.The Scheme
         16      Jacob 4. The Dreams
         23      Pentecost.
         30      Memorial Day Weekend.
June 6.  Job II.  The Beasts
         13  Vacation Sunday KDF  tentative
         20   A Hymn and its Scripture
         27   Acts 8:26-40
July 4.  Independence Day.  “When in the Course”
        11   Acts 5:21ff
        18 Jacob V. The Reconciliation
        25 A Psalm of Creation
August 1.  RLR
              8.  RLR
             15 A Parable
             22 Vacation KDF tentative
             29 Almond Tree in Bloom